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12" OOAK Realistic Lifelike Artist Mink Panda Bear Cub ~ Melisa ~ Melisa's Bears


Welcome to Melisa's Bears Melisa's Bears... pleased to introduce a Realistic Panda Bear Cub "Bao Mingzhu" ~*~ on a 7 day listing ~*~ I'm super excited to introduce my newest creation.... Bao Mingzhu, a lifelike and life sized baby panda! She is a sweet panda bear cub made from recycl ...  More

Georgette - Bunny OOAK 4.7" by Katya Bespalova.


Hello everyone! This is Georgette. She is completely designed and hand sewn by myself, Katya Bespalova. The bunny is 12 cm tall, made of plush and viscose. She is 5-way jointed and stuffed with polyester fibre and steel granules. Toned by artistic oil paint. Glass eyes. Cotton clothes. Vin ...  More

SANDYSOOAKS Artist Teddy Bear SHINOU 4.9" Miniature Faux Fur Mini OOAK by SANDY


Mmh, Im soooooooo bored. What can I do? Moving to a new country and finding a new home would be perfect... But where can I go? Where can I sleep? Who will feed me, who will hug me? Maybe you??? By the way, my name is I would love it sooo much to live with you... I was lovingly made by hand ...  More

OOAK Realistic Siberian Classic tabby kitten by OREON Doll's House 1:12


Thank you for stopping by my auction! Here is one Miniature Siberian Classic marbled tabby Kitten 1:12 scale This playful Kitten is hand made with polymer clay over delicate wire armature. Entire classic marbled coat pattern is created by tiny few strands of fine soft natural fibers, to ac ...  More

Teddy Bear Artist Marko's Bears Rodrigus Mark 16" Mohair Bear with Ski Poles


Ooak needle felted pegasus horse sculpt


** Peppino ** by Monika Stein / Stein-Bears / OOAK / Small Artist Bear 5,5"




Thread artist crochet miniature Bear-Puppy by Benesak


" DANIEL "- 3.1" Miniature Artist Bear by VERA J. BEARS


Realistic Teddy Bear Artist STERNCHENBAREN 17" Brown Bear with Six Way Joint


5 Color Wool ALPACA for Needle Felting Dog,Doll Hair,Dog Fur,Bear total 50g


Miniature Mouse w/ Halloween party table by Artist Aleah Klay


Son Blest Bears ~ MILO ~ ooak realistic tissavel fur ARTIST bear ~ Kimi Springer




PRIMITIVE snowman Doll Fox Vintage like bear Fuzzy * Millenary Bouquet


Miniature baby mouse 7/8ths inch tall Artist Aleah Klay


PAMS EXCLUSIVE BEARS-Miniature 4 inch Tall Mohair CAT Teddy-Floss


PAMS EXCLUSIVE BEARS-Miniature 2.5 inch Tall Mohair PANDA Teddy-Pierce


Orig. Artist Nancy Crowe Pearl 'Carter' Fully Jointed Mohair Teddy Bunny Bear





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