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VINTAGE TEDDY BEAR Robert Raikes Vintage Wood Face and Feet "LIZA" Bear. 1989


Liza bear wears a pink and white dress and pink hair bows. She holds a Kevin Roth cassette entitled " The Secret Journey". Original,plastic stil covers her face. Certificate of authenticity and original registration card are in envelope in box. Original box, however, Is in worn shape from ...  More

Big Robert Raikes Bear Liza MIB w. music tape


This is a big Robert Raikes Bear "Liza" mint in the box with music tape. Liza is about 12 inches tall, sitting, and dressed in a cute pink floral dress. She is holding a music cassette that has never been opened. Liza has a hand carved wooden face and paws and bears Robert Raike's signatur ...  More



Adorable Robert Raikes Liza bear. Always kept on box. Music cassette brand new, never opened. Adult collector.

Raikes Liza Teddy Bear with Secret Journey Tape Wooden Face 13" Excellent


Robert Raikes Liza Bear ...Liza is a beautiful all white bear with beautiful blue eyes. Released in 1989 she really is a great piece. She has the wooden face and feet like all the Raikes bears. She is dressed in a lovely pink dress, white bloomers, with cute pink bows by her ears. Liza com ...  More

Raikes Liza Teddy Bear with Secret Journey Tape Wooden Face 13" Excellent


Vintage Robert Raikes "Liza" Wood Face Blue Eyed Bear by Applause 1989 MIB 12in


LIZA BEARâ„¢ by Robert Raikes - Collectible Bear in Original Box w/ COA & Cassette


RAIKES LIZA BEAR Applause GOOD CO, 1989 Wood Face & Feet Rare Blue Eyes


Robert Raikes Signed Liza Pink Dress 1989 Kevin Roth Tape New In Box


Liza Robert Raikes wooden face collectible bear box cassette mib 28/1000



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